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Cisdem WinmailReader 2.0.0

Open Winmail.dat Files and Preview or Save Attachments on Mac.

Open Winmail.dat Files and Preview or Save Attachments on Mac.

Received a winmail.dat file but can't open it? Cisdem WinmailReader is the one-stop solution for you to open winmail.dat files on the Mac and it allows any attachments contained in them to be previewed and saved. Either drag - and -drop or just double - click, you can check single or multiple files at the same time. Even you can use it as QuickLook to preview the attachments.

1. Easily open winmail.dat files and list all contents of a winmail.dat file

WinmailReader integrates transparently with OS X. All you have to do is to either drag-and-drop the winmail.dat file onto WinmailReader, or just double-click the file. WinmailReader then extracts the embedded attachments, allowing you to save them, or to open them in another application.

2. Quickly open multiple winmail.dat files at a time

If you have multiple documents open, Cisdem WinmailReader will open and list all the files in list view in one window, saving you the trouble of constantly switching among different windows when opening multiple winmail.dat files simultaneously.

3. Quickly look & export single or multiple winmail.dat attachments

After adding your winmail.dat files, WinmailReader will then show you a window representing the winmail.dat file. The content is similar to an email message showing the typical From and Subject fields along with sent date, message body and attached files. You can choose to preview those winmail.dat attachment with default applications, and drag-n-drop to export single or multiple attachments.

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Cisdem WinmailReader


Cisdem WinmailReader 2.0.0

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  • by Anonymous

    Use as QuickLook, very impressive!.
    This winmail reader is very useful! I like use it as QuickLook(you can check...   More